Mectra has a large experience in this sector in Spain. As a technical-commercial company dedicated to the industrial supply, we are in direct contact with the builders of railway material such as TALGO, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, CAF, BOMBARDIER, VOSSLOH and with the railway operators such as RENFE, at the national scale, and others like FERROCARRILES DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA, METRO MADRID, METRO BARCELONA, FERROCARRILES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, EUSKOTREN, at the regional scale. Over the last  5 years, Mectra has supplied to its clients the following products and services:

- Supply of more than 900 ring wheels for subways during the last 5 years, supplied directly, and as deposits.

- Supply of 100 tyres for trains of the FGV network in Valencia and Alicante.

- Technical supervision of the retrofit of the trams in Valencia and Alicante.

- Supply of 438 wheels of different types for passenger trains, including the design and assembly of rubber rings.

- Supply of 2 UNILOK shunting vehicles for the maneuvers in a chemical industry and in Barcelona Harbor.

- Supply of auxiliary components for the shunting vehicles: 2 deposits of fuel of high capacity and 4 ring wheels.

- Preparation of test, measurement, analysis and study of the behavior and effectiveness of soundproofing rings mounted on wheels of regular trains.

- Creation, design, making, supply and certification of more than 400 wheels and 400 axles for high-speed trains Talgo 350, specially designed for commercial speeds up to 330km/h.

- Supply of 560 wheels for high-speed Talgo train to operate in Saudi Arabia "The Haramain", with a 12-year maintenance contract. The supply forecast is of 4,800 wheels.

- Supply of more than 465 wheels for high-speed trains during the last 5 years, designed for commercial speeds up to 300 km/h.

- 308 Supply of replacement kits for the tram urban model called Citadis  that give service in Barcelona and Tenerife.

- Supply of more than 4.500 wheels and different axles types during the last 5 years for the passenger and m

freight trains and trailer coaches.

- 527 supply of brake discs.

- 510 supply of elastomeric seals for doors and windows.

- Modernization of 11 units of Palma Subway.

- Air conditionning system of 8 units of 6 coaches for New Delhi Subway.

- Supply of a battery charger.

- Annual Supplies of ring wheels, rubber mountings and any other parts to ensure the maintenance of the 2 shunting locomotives of UNILOK brand.

- Supply of 108 axles for motor and towed equipment used by Feve.

- 380 monobloc wheels delivery for EuskoTren rolling stock.

- Supply of a UNILOK shunter.

- Electrification project of the La coubre-Cambute train route and the branch link to La Cuadra, in the network of the Cuba railways.

- Supply of electric trains rehabilitated from FGC

Mectra also has a team that carries out all the technical-commercial tasks and monitors the logistics of supply in Spain and abroad of the products it represents, and is able to solve any kind of supply problems, such as those concerned with import-export paperwork and delivery.

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